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CV Calculator / Regulator Flow Curve

Cv Calculator / Regulator Flow Curve Generator

nordiresources  Swagelok Cv Calculator

Use caution when applying these results to a pressure regulator. The Cv of a regulator represents its FULLY OPEN flow capacity, while a regulator is never intended to be used at that point. Multiply the results by 1.5 for a margin of safety and consult the product's flow curves in the product literature

homepage  Swagelok Regulator Flow Curve Generator

To receive a unique flow curve based on a set of user-specified application parameters for RHPS series pressure regulators You can: 

-  View the performance of one regulator in up to four different applications
-  Compare the performance of up to four different regulators in the same application 
-  View any combination of regulators and applications, adding up to four total, on the same graph